Troll Central

It’s a funny thing how some blogs seem to attract a lot of trolls. Increasingly, this seems to be one of those blogs. A troll, by the way, is someone who shows up with nothing to offer except personal attacks.

Interestingly, the trolls here all seem to say more or less the same thing:

“What qualifies you to say such and such”
“You’re full of shit”
“You must be a fag”
“You’re so full of yourself, why does anyone take you seriously?”

Etc, etc.

Of course, the irony is not lost on me. Hey, trolls, If I’m so full of shit, why do you keep coming back every day to read me? I can only conclude that it’s a form of displaced sexual attraction. That would certainly explain why all the trolls have anonymous logins and no email addresses or websites of their own: the self-hatred born of identity confusion imparts a deep shame that must be hidden beneath the blanket of anonymity. They see my photo and feel those special stirrings south of the border –hey, who can blame them?– then, in classic repressive behaviour, they must lash out at the focus of their attraction to re-solidify their crumbling identities.

So to my growing army of crazy batshit stalker trolls, thanks for the increased traffic. My Google Adsense revenues are up!