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Greetings, my droogies.

Cold fusion is now table-top “sound” fusion. More here.

Has the bell tolled for Wikipedia, the world’s greatest encyclopaedia? Apparently, someone is finally whining about a misleading entry that was left uncorrected for more than a nanosecond. Wikipedia is the last desperate link to the glory days of the World Wide Web, back when everything was free of corporate and political tinkering, back when information was truly free, and back when Netizens were responsible, porn-obsessed geeks, and not just malicious virus-weilding , identity-hacking pervs.

My employer’s website also features an experimental wiki. Yesterday at a scientific meeting, someone came up to me and asked, “I hear your website has a ‘winky’. Is it true?” I’m sure you can imagine my reaction.

Dig this post-mortem of the 9/11 commission. Good reading.

Brother Bhash sends us this view of the Earth as seen from the Martian surface.

Brother Hrab sends us this (clearly satirical) blog of Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Congratulations to friend Tiffany P. for the successful opening of her Manhattan restaurant Pair of 8’s on Amsterdam Ave in the Upper West Side. I look forward to dining there sometime soon.

Pierre C. sends us word that the World Health Organization is looking for a new name for the upcoming flu pandemic. Any suggestions, O Creative Types?

Lastly, my latest article is a book review of Stephen Marche’s Raymond & Hannah, which appears in the current issue of Idea&s, the shi-shi intellectual magazine of the University of Toronto. It’s quite an honour to have been asked to write for this particular, highly prestigious magazine (whose other contributors include Nobel prizewinners), though my contribution is barely five or six heavily edited paragraphs. But I takes ’em as I gets ’em, babies.