The Americans Take Notice

How sad are we as a country when it’s national news that our federal elections are being noticed by the Americans? And yet it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow when US media turn an eye to our piddling contest, mostly of course to see if we’re talking about them…. and of course we are.

On Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert actually talked about Paul Martin’s negative attack ads against Stephen Harper. It’s really a funny bit. Watch it here.

While Colbert ends up making the Liberals look slimy, I can’t help but think that the piece did more to help the Liberal cause than to diminish it. After all –sadly– a 30 second comedy routine on an American Tv station will reach more Canadians than any number of paid commercials. In essence, for no charge, the Liberals got to air their attack ad for the entire nation during prime time.

You want to see a real attack ad? Watch this.

The analyses from the first ever user survey are almost complete. I will post them shortly. Here’s a teaser: while this site seems to have more female visitors than male, the women are statistically less likely to have read my books or articles. Hmm, why do they come then? Could it be for my rakishly handsome features? Or is it the bestiality? Time for a new survey, methinks!