Election Hangover

Thanks to all my droogies for the kind thoughts regarding my father’s surgery. Twenty-four hours after the event, he was finally allowed to sort-of wake up (though morphine makes waking status tenuous), and his first words to me were, “Did you remember to take out the garbage?”

So I freaked him out by telling him he had awakened into a horrific new future world in which the Conservatives run the country. Cruel, I know, but sometimes that’s what a (lovable) curmudgeon needs.

As some have correctly noted, my election predictions were not too far aff the mark. I thus award myself the ceremonial cookie! Mmmm, democralicious.

Some of my predictions did not come to pass, however. Though stepping down from the leader’s position, Paul Martin nonetheless kept his seat. Belinda kept hers, too. And the Greenies failed to win one.

Oh well. Given the weakness of the new government, we might all get another chance to play the prediction game real soon. Oh yay.