Me So Pretty

Nothing too meaty today. I was up until 5:AM watching all the season 1 episodes of HBO’s historical drama Rome. I have a great urge now to fornicate in public, salute men in skirts and lop the heads off of blue-skinned bearded barbarians. Just another Monday, I guess.

The website is presently beta testing its new face recognition software. You upload a photo of yourself and it will compare it against its celebrity database to see which famous faces most resemble your own. The algorithms are seemingly biased by aspect and profile (eg, photos in which you are looking to the left are biased toward matches with celebrities who are also looking to the left), but it’s still fun. I uploaded three photos of myself and got the following matches, in descending order of similarity:

Thelonious Monk
Katherine Hepburn
Steffi Graf
Benicio Del Toro
Asia Argento
Sharon Stone
Niki Lauda
Jeane-Pierre Raffarin
Naomi Watts
Joaquin Phoenix

Dennis Quaid
Lionel Hampton
Bily Bob Thornton
Kenneth Branagh
Lev Yashin
Mark Webber
Mia Farrow
Leonardo DiCaprio
Enrico Caruso
Cate Blanchett

Robert Palmer
Michael Jackson
Ewan McGregor
Elvis Presley
Edith Stein
Johnny Depp
Mark KNopfler
Nicole Kidman
Penelope Cruz

Yes, I too noted the great number of women on those lists. Just means I’m pretty is all.