And I’m Off!

Greetingd from Ottawa airport where I am about to board a plane to New York, and then on to Delhi. You know, a long time ago I decided never to fly Continental airlines ever again. The service sucked, the staff were incompetent, the flights were ill timed and the food atrocious. Then this month I decided to break my own rule, due mainly to a ridiculously cheap fare to India.

Well, here’s what has happened. I do not have a ticket to India because Continental has oversold the flight. Apparently it was oversold the day I paid for it. So this means I will either get bumped up to first class or turfed. Either Continental continues to suck or they leapfrog into being the best airline in the world.

Of course with my luck, somebody in a middle seat won’t show and I’ll be stuck between to stinky fat guys.