It appears to be Iran Week in the blogosphere. Even Hitchens is in on it.

The Iranian holocaust cartoon contest is in full swing. Details here. These cartoons ostensibly have a higher purpose: they show the hypocrisy of the Danish papers who, in my opinion, disingenuously claimed to be defending free speech when they targeted Islam for ridicule.

But these cartoons published in Qatar serve no such purpose. They are clearly brazen anti-semitic statements made by racists of the worst stripe.

But how about this:
It’s an anti-Muslim cartoon made by an American and published in several American publications. It’s clearly in the same vein as the anti-semitic ones above, wherein representatives of a race of people are portrayed as deceitful, greasy and duplicitous., not to mention inaccurate. (This cartoon ignorantly confuses Arabs with Afghans and Dubai port workers.)

This blog has a good discussion of these ‘toons.

All these cartoons, from both the anti-semitic fire-breathers from amongst the Muslim community and the anti-Islam type from the mouth-breathing neocon set, have evolved directly from the ones produced by the Nazis, like this one:

It’s one of the reasons neither side can hear the other one scream. They are both so busy calling each other fascists that they fail to realize that they are both descended from Hitler’s loins, extremist Islamists and asshole neocons alike. In the immortal words of Mick Foley, I invite them all to line up and apply oral suction to my groinal area.