A Fractured What?!

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OK, scroll down to where they talk about me, but don’t laugh.

The return of an old favourite: our daily perv link!

Here is an article on the various injuries one can acquire while doin’ the nasty. For a long time, I’ve had a mortal fear of getting a “fractured penis”. Oh, this is real, my droogies. Just look at this… or don’t.

As has long been anecdotally suspected, the statistics now show that, at least in Australia, women are punished more leniently for paedophilic crimes than are men. Hmmm.

Thanks to Rondi for this video of female Arab psychologist Wafa Sultan givin’ it to ’em on Al-Jazeera television. What’s amazing to me about this clip isn’t so much the content of Sultan’s words or the responses of her detractors, but rather the fact that on a cable news show a guest was allowed to speak for many minutes on end without an annoying big-haired host interjecting with some inane comment. Makes me want to subscribe to Al-Jazeera!

As I’ve already reported here, courtesy of Darth Vadum‘s on-the-spot journalism, proto-nazi Ann Coulter has taken to publicly using the offensive term “raghead” in her various appearances around the US. As one commenter on the right-wing Western Standard Blog put it:

“Ah, dear Ann Coulter. She reminds me of an aging porn star who, as her beauty fades, must resort to increasingly depraved sexual acts in order to turn a buck. Ann is at the stage where she’s doing beastiality [sic].”

What is amazing about all this isn’t that Coulter is predictably a publicity whore and clearly a racist in the old-fashioned knuckle-dragging “me hate you because you look strange” mold, but rather that the blogosphere has erupted with comments coming to her defence! Most common are the type typified by another commenter on the Western Standard Blog:

“During WW2 we called the enemy Krauts and Japs and Nips etc etc…Big deal”

That’s right. It is now okay to openly defend the usage of racial slurs. If we do otherwise, the terrorists will have won. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since it’s also de rigeur to openly advocate for the legality and morality of torture. How did we get here? My God, how did we get here?

This reminds me of one of Charley Reese‘s best observations: that during wartime, to dehumanize the enemy is to prolong the war; in order to negotiate for peace, it is necessary to see your opponent as desiring of peace, and for him to see you as trustworthy, not driven by primal hatred. It is not so far-fetched, then, to suggest that the neocons’ thirst for war-without-end (in the finest Orwellian tradition) is a factor behind the increasingly common incidents of high-profile Conservatives resorting to racist and dehumanizing epithets for their nominal “enemy”. It is thus not surprising to see shadow-born bigots now emboldened to take their stupidity and hatred into the light, like this fool.

We in Canada are buffered against much of this nonsense by our comparative lack of modern racial tension. But we are a bunch of hypocrites in many ways, not the least of which being our stance on the American actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Want to see what I mean? Hold your nose and go here: www.canadianally.com

The site is real. It is registered to the military attache resident in the Canadian embassy in Washington, DC.

While the Canadian public has repeatedly stated its opposition to being a part of the US’s so-called “Global War On Terror”, and while our governments have supposedly acquiesced to this desire, we are nonetheless marketing to the USA that we are in-step with their war plans. As proudly mentioned on the site, Canadians are responsible for “5,000 tactical airlift, patrol and (ship-based) helicopter sorties” in the Persian Gulf region since 2001; I wonder what operations and theatre hose sorties were involved in, hmmm? Cough-Iraq-cough.