Nostrawattus Speaks…. Or Not.

The Israeli elections are over and Ehud Olmert of the new Kadima party is the minority winner, with Labour taking a close second.

I remind you now of my blog post of Jan 5, 2006:

“So I am predicting a new coalition government, headed either by Nobel laureate Shimon Perez or Ehud Olmert, and made up of both the Labour and Kadima parties.”

Let’s see if a coalition is formed and I am proven, once again, prescient.

And speaking of my prescience, let’s not forget that I have been predicting since 2001 that Al Gore will run in the 2008 US Presidential elections and win. I reiterated this prediction here and here and here and here. This view is finding resonance here and here. But remember where you heard it first, my droogies!