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Beat It, Ya Bum! – deonandia

Beat It, Ya Bum!

Happy 4/20, everyone.

You know, I’ve always prided myself on my fitness level, what with the daily running, the weight lifting and the 14 years of competitive martial arts. But I think my advancing age has finally started to assert itself. Since I came back from India 6 weeks ago, I’ve been slow to return to the gym. This morning was my first run since the beginning of February! And I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Ohhhhhhh.

Here‘s an article on Slate about how blogging prevents writers from writing. I think the author is on to something. This website has been up since 1996, and I’ve been blogging daily for about two years now. I’ve noticed a definite inverse correlation between the frequency of my blog posts and my output in other media (newspaper columns, books, short stories, book reviews, etc.) Not good.

In other news, White House spokesman Scott Mclellan is leaving his job. I always had a little sympathy for the shmuck. Unlike his predecessor, Ari Fleischer, Scott always looked a little embarassed to be lying so blatantly all the time. Ari, on the other hand, had a less than intimate relationship with honesty. But, you know, Scott chose that job. So my sympathy only goes so far. Beat it, ya bum!