"Remember, Remember The Fifth of November…"

Just saw V For Vendetta. Excellent movie. A bit heavy handed at times, but it is saved by the superlative acting of Hugo Weaving, who deserves multiple awards for this performance, and by the dialogue, which is remarkably mature and compelling. Bring on Alan Moore’s true masterpiece, Watchmen!

Also, today I attended my first boxing class. Unlearning 14 years of karate will take some time. The two arts are very, very different. I’ve tried Mhuay Thai kickboxing in the past, but that seemed less proscriptive than American-style boxing. So this adventure has become a bit of a quasi-scientific experiment: can more than a decade of muscle memory be overcome in a mere 7 weeks of new training? Or, more accurately, will Ray lose his gut in time for Trinidad at the end of May? Only time will tell…

In other news, the Guyanese government has asked Canada to assist in the investigation of this weekend’s murders. Guyanese are good about putting their egos aside to learn from those who have more experience. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds, to see whether this was in fact a political assassination and not a simple home invasion.

The first link to the victims has been made known to me. The woman killed while hiding under the bed was the mother of a friend of a friend. I suspect closer relationships will manifest as the days progress….