Gore in 2008

My blog post from last Wednesday has legs. Not only will it be published by in June by India Currents Magazine, but the progressive news site Rabble.ca will e-publish it, too (assuming I can figure out how the rights thing works). Again, this is strong evidence that there can be a valid and potent overlap between the worlds of blogging and traditional media. The article is available here.

Regular readers of this site will know that I’ve been shouting for six years that the next President of the USA will be Al Gore. Six years, people. Oh, I’ve heard the scoffing; don’t think I haven’t. Well, the mainstream is almost in line with my predictions. Courtesy of Andrew Sullivan comes this blog post by none other than Dan Savage, who is now actively pushing for Gore in ’08. It’s gonna happen, I tells ya. And when it does, poor President Gore will have to clean up the mess left by BushCo, and will likely be unfairly blamed for all of it.