Harper And Colbert — Which Stephen Eats Babies?

I was going to begin today by discussing the new Canadian federal budget. But even I’m not that masochistic. I will say, however, that I’m disappointed that the Kelowna deal is dead. What does it take to get good aboriginal health care in this country? I’ve done a tiny bit of consulting work for the Aborignal Health wing of Health Canada, and none of what I’ve learned has dissuaded me from the impression that native health in Canada, in many reservations, is seriously compromised, mostly by some of the basics, including poor water supplies.

Officially, we begin instead with this story about a high school student, whom fellow students teased for his supposed resemblance to Osama bin laden, being expelled because he responded to his taunters that if he wereOsama, he’d have pulled a Columbine. This is clearly a case of school board overreaction (when will they learn the stupidity and futility of “zero tolerance” policies?), and even more a case of teachers and administrators not understanding what they teach. The kid did, after all, couch his threat as a conditional, not a declaratory, phrase. I hope his lawyers sue that board to the bones. One of the commenters on Rotten.com’s forum, dankbear420, summarized the situation well: “why isnt there a zero tolerance policy for asshole school administrators?”

A recent Washington DC photo opp featured congressmen giving good lip service to the need for new energy sources, and even dramatically driving off in a series of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles. Well, dig this great photo of House speaker Dennis Hastert parking his hydrogen car a few blocks away, and climbing right back into his gas-guzzling SUV.

Apparently, Stephen Harper eats babies.

Everyone and his cousin has been pointing me to the clip of Stephen Colbert slyly bashing the right wing and right wing media in the belly of the beast itself, the White House; so I include it for you, as well. (Thanks to Shaila M. for that particular link.) Another version of the video is here. Kos has the transcript here. (Sorry, Mischa, your link didn’t work.) Strange times when comedians are the only ones brave and respected enough to speak truth to power. The Washington Post talks about it less philosophically here.