Who’s Full Of What Now?

We begin today with a refreshingly candid article from, of all places, the Edmonton Sun. It’s about how much George W. sucks, and actually challenges his supporters to deny the claims made in the article. Cool.

I was remarking to Brother Hrab last night that one of the exciting aspects of the 21st century blog revolution is the trend of disparate bloggers meeting in the flesh. As I mentioned yesterday, I met for the first time fellow blogger Phil Gomes, who resides in Australia; and I commented something to the effect that it’s an exciting and unique development that individuals from opposite sides of the world can come together, bonded solely through an incorporeal intellectual connection.

This trend is not a personal one. It appears to be happening all over the world. Nasty Nick met a fellow blogger during a recent trip to California, and Rondi appears to be plugged in to a whole network of life-minded political commentators who seem to meet in person regularly.

Brother Hrab accurately pointed out to me, though, that this is not a new thing. In fact, blogging is increasingly resembling the networked intellectual activities of 19th century European writers, who would go to great lengths to remain in touch with each other across borders, languages, continents and cultures, their bonds being solely of the intellectual variety, as well.

Maybe that’s what we’re witnessing here. Maybe the internet is allowing for a free return to the glory days of gentlemen scholars and citizen scientists, when the educated common fellows, and not necessarily the mega-funded professionals, were the ones producing much of the world’s intellectual content, linked to each other through letters and books and ideas.

Or maybe, as is always possible, I’m just full of crap.