You’re All Chicks!

At last! I have finally got around to posting the results of the reader’s survey. The survey was left up months longer than was intended. Even so, I only got 65 responses.

Let me remind you of the reason for the survey. Hosting a website and a blog is fraught with a great many insecurities. Writing every day, it’s easy to forget that there’s an army of unspeaking readers out there who may agree or disagree with my posts. One tends to end up writing only for oneself and for that handful of readers who leave comments. (The survey says that just over a quarter of you have left comments.) So I felt it appropriate to attempt to measure the characteristics of the nameless, faceless majority. Now, I still have no idea whether these results are representative of the true whole, since the majority of lurkers chose not to respond. But it’s something.

Here are the key findings:

  1. You’re all chicks! 60% of respondents were female
  2. You’re all in need of dates! 61.5% are single.
  3. You’re all barren! 75.4% are childless
  4. The single biggest age group is 31-40 years
  5. Over 80% are university grads, with half those having post-grad training
  6. Unsurprisingly, 70.8% of you are office workers, with 30.8% reading from work!
  7. Interestingly, my readers are either white (47.7%) or brown (41.5%). The number of brownies is actually higher, since several Indo-Caribbean types self-identified as “other”
  8. Surprisingly, almost a quarter of you consider yourselves to be religious
  9. You’re all a bunch of boring straight people (80%)
  10. Most of you are in Canada (63.1%) or the USA (32.3%)
  11. Most of you (51.8%) personally know me, 10.7% of you got here from a friend’s recommendation, 14.3% of you stumbled upon this site by using a search engine (by using terms like, I dunno, “bestiality in Paris”) and almost 20% of you “met” me in another online capacity
  12. Interestingly, after this blog, the most popular page is my cv!
  13. While only a quarter of you have read any of my books, 62% (!) have read some of my newspaper articles, and a third have been to my auxiliary site to read the crap there
  14. This is important…. exactly half of you tend to agree with me often, and the proportion of disagreeable trouble-makers among you is only 12.5%
  15. Following on that theme, about 63% of you are politically Lefties, with only 7.4% identifying as Righties

You can visually appreciate the results by clicking here.

Here are some of the comments about how I could improve this site:

  1. Wonderful site. Has a certain sincerity to it.”
  2. get a life.”
  3. you’re doing well..i just visit to make sure you’re alive..and seeing you post daily confirms it. Saves me the long distance phone calls.”
  4. make up games and add them to the blog.”
  5. It seems that it’s doing just fine.”
  6. I think you should pictures of me on it”
  7. excellent site”
  8. One can’t improve on perfection.”

So from the comments, it seems you folks are, on average, content with the way I do things here. Or maybe only the content ones are motivated to take the survey? Ahhh, the old detection bias rears its ugly head. As for you, respondent who gave comment #6, send some pics and I’ll put them up!

Thanks for filling out the survey, all you left-leaning, straight, young, university-educated, childless, single white/brown chicks from North America.