Funnier If He Had Used "The Clapper"

This is an odd story. The gentleman to the left is incarcerated in a Pakistani prison for making moonshine. He was recently found with a lightbulb inserted into his, um, rear cavity (one assumes fat end upward). He claims that he just woke up one day to find it there. Whatever.

Apparently, it required some delicate surgery to remove the thing. Oddly, I had a conversation about this very topic with some ER doctors many years ago. Apparently, this is not that uncommon of a case (well, if more than once can be considered “uncommon”). The solution that I suggested turns out the be the same one the docs decided upon: unscrew the lightbulb and pour in quick-drying cement. Then you lube up the poor bastard and yank out the item. See, the danger is that the glass will shatter and lacerate/infect the sensitive tissue.

The best comment about this story comes from “Satinsmum” on the forum:

“He was hoping for light at the end of a tunnel.”

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