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Greetings from the Toronto subway, where I am on my way to yet another meeting. Seems that’s all I do these days. Again, today’s post will have to be brief.

This Republican is also now on the “Gore will run in 2008” bandwagon. Darth Vadum suggests that the Right is talking about Gore in an attempt to subvert attention given to Hilary Clinton, which sounds like a reasonable analysis to me. But the linked article is interesting for it’s historical content, showing the parallels between the careers of Gore and Nixon: both men were VP, both barely lost their Presidential bids (both seemingly due to chicanery), both sat out the next election, both denied any interest in the subsequent election… but so far only Nixon changed his mind. Will Gore? Well, you know what I think.

Gore has not given the so-called “Sherman statement” of unequivocal denial of interest in the Presidency. Assuming he still covets the big chair, what could be his strategy?

Obviously, an early declaration heightens the chance of “peaking too early”. And it gives his opponents far too much time to prepare their attacks. Better to let the Republicans sharpen their knives for Hilary and slip in behind the carnage.

More importantly, though, I think Gore is waiting for a groundswell of popular support before he declares his candidacy. His new status as “movie star” may bring him that support.

The man is a politician. By endorsing Howard Dean in 2004, he showed that he still wished to exercise his political clout. And with every politician, there is an expected quid pro quo. Dean, now a powerful man in the party, owes Gore a big favour.

Everything is in place for a powerful Gore/Obama or Gore/Clinton ticket.

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