Random Stuff

Not much time today…. really pressed. Let’s get to it:

A Florida juge has ruled that it is unconstitutional to force students to take the US “pledge of allegiance”. Well, duhh. I ddn’t even realize this abomination was still being forced on American kids. Maybe they should just add the requisite “sig heil” at the end the pledge and be done with it?

There’s an article over on this website about the nature of the short story market. It uses a number of my quotes.

Last month I mentioned a supposed epidemic of something called Morgellon’s Disease in Texas. Due to public pressure, the CDC is now investigating the “epidemic”, though all signs point to it being a case of mass delusion.

As language continues to be a favourite topic of this blog, I give you this link, shared by Nasty Nick, on the nature of “Engrish”.

Darth Vadum, ever one to spoil the party, sends us this profile of a particularly vocal climate change skeptic. I think it should be noted that this same skeptic is on record as comparing Al Gore to Adolf Hitler. What is that fake axiom the Right wingnuts are fond of citing? Oh yes, Godwin’s Law.

Also from Darth Vadum, it seems even the more extreme voices on the Right are arguing for a Gore run in 2008.