The Rumble In The Concrete Jungle

Hey, droogs. Due to an incredibly heavy work load these days, I’ve not been able to post to this blog as frequently as I usually do. Fear not, I will be back in form very shortly, including the much requested post about my take on the recent Toronto terror arrests.

Tonight is the Murder in Manhattan, the War on the Shore, the Pinnacle of Pugilistic Punditry, the…. well, it’s the big debate between Christopher Hitchens and Eric Margolis, which I plugged yesterday. The event, which is bigger than Wrestlemania for we pundit fans, is being held in Manhattan. I am sorely tempted to fly down, but my stress levels remain way too high for a last minute getaway like that; my doctors are recommending sedateness for at least one weekend.

Recently I was accused of “bias” towards Al Gore when I was talking about how enjoyable his film, An Inconvenient Truth, was. Let me be clear: I am not necessarily a Gore fanatic. I talk about him a lot here because, 6 years ago, I made the prediction that he will be President come 2009. I stand by that prediction. But it doesn’t mean he is my preferred choice for President. Obama or Kucinich or even Nader are more in tune with my world view.

I will say this, though. In the movie, Gore showed excellent taste in cell phones. Yes, my droogies, he owns a Treo.