What’s Next, DeonandanWatch?

Do recall, my droogs, that this site no longer logs the so-called “daily perv link”. No, sir. It’s no longer something that “we” at Deonandan.com wish to promote or explore or otherwise talk about. Don’t need folks assuming that this site advocates deviant behaviour or animal abuse or any of the nasty things “we” are actually quite opposed to. That’s why under no circumstances should you click here.

My current audiovisual fixation is, weirdly, a cover of Def Leppard’s “Photograph” performed by The All-American Rejects. The video is here, and I am so ashamed to be plugging this bit of fluff. But therein lies my mood today.

Here’s some non-fluff. I’m still looking for a review or transcript of last night’s confrontation between Christopher Hitchens and Eric Margolis. In the mean time, Nasty Nick sends us to HitchensWatch; does anyone know if there exists a similar “MargolisWatch”?

Of course, as our neighbour to the south increasingly becomes a police state, it’s not surprising to read stories like this one, which describes how Homeland Security is buying consumer information from private information vendors in an attempt to screen individuals for possible terrorist links. While, like all such stories, this one gives me the heeby-jeebies, it is interesting that the new anti-libertarian personal information industry is only made possible via rigorous adherence to the Freedom of Information Act. Sigh.

I leave you today with yet another sign of global warming: polar bears are turning to cannibalism. See, as the ice recedes, there is less food and smaller hunting grounds for polar bears, so they are actively hunting and eating their own. Polar bears are an indicator species, like frogs, whose disposition precedes tumult in their environments. Polar bears will be extinct in my lifetime.