Ahhh, Fluffery

Greetings from DT/UT, a coffee shop in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, chock full of cheap geeks syphoning free wireless internet for the price of a cup of green tea. Me likey.

I’m in hiding. The world marches on, with an earthquake in Yogyakarta, kidnapped soldiers in Israel, bomb blasts in Bombay…. the list goes on. But I’m in hiding. Today, I sip green tea and surf the ‘Net, ogle pretty girls and reminisce about old Star Trek episodes.

In the spirit of this new fluffery, I give you this photo of lunchtime at the hospital where I work (photo by Peter Levesque). Gathered ’round the table are Nick, Kristen, Alberta, Denise, Lord Wat, Mylan (hidden) and Judith.

PS. I think I’ve lost my passport!