Another R.I.P.

R.I.P. my Aunt Puttin, pictured on the left (1939-2006), who succumbed to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome yesterday, after many days of decline. My trip to New York this coming week was supposed to be for fun and education, but will instead feature a funeral.

Interesting thing about Guyanese people, or Caribbean people in general: we have many names. Each of us typically has, at least, both an official name and a “house name”. The latter is one’s true name, since it is what our loved ones know us by. (This only seems to apply to those who grew up “back home”, so don’t be asking me for my various names –I don’t have any!) Funny thing about Auntie Puttin is that I don’t even know here real name. But I’m sure I’ll find out at the funeral.

In other news, apparently governor-wannabe Goldwater might have been misquoted in the whole slave labour camp thingy from yesterday. Hey, at least the Spanish press apologized for their error. Anyone hear a peep from the Swift Boat people?

I have automated searches that alert me anytime anyone in the online media is discussing or citing one of my works. (It doesn’t always work, though). This morning, I was alerted to this site, which has summarized my article, The False War Between Civilizations. What’s interesting about the site is that it seems to be a sort of meta-blog, in which the posts are solely summaries of other people’s stand-alone items. The web is a weird and wonderful place. I will never tire of the many ways in which people choose to organize and present information.