Explosions And Bad Rappers

No, this is not the obituary blog. But anyone who’s done any international health work out of Canada has likely heard of Dr. Don Hillman, who was one of the pioneers of the field in this country. It is with regret that I pass on news of Dr. Hillman’s recent death.

Meanwhile, back here in NYC, a building exploded in midtown. The world’s eyes were turned this way again, for fear of another terrorist attack. But it soon became clear that this explosion was the result of a physician’s over-eager suicide. The lesson here is that natural gas has no place in apartment buildings.

Yesterday my cousins and I ended up at the Disney World of malls, this strip of high quality outlets half way to Albany. Here in the land of supposed free commerce, I could not help but be caught up in the wave of consumerism. My gold VISA card has now melted.

The evening was capped with a visit to a karaoke bar in the Upper East Side, where some of the worst singing was to be heard. Thus it was appropriate that my cousin Alvin added his personal caterwauling to the cacophony, choosing to (temporarily, I hope) adopt the character of “Jay-Zed” and belting out, “99 Problems And A Bitch Ain’t One of Them.” Alvin can now say tht he rapped in Manhattan. He was followed by a muscly white fellow who really thought he was Eminem and took himself wayyyy too seriously. But I wasn’t about to tell him. Lesson: rap should not be allowed in karaoke bars.