I Hate Purolator…And Some Guy Named Rosario

Still trapped in New York as, as some see it, “World War III” percolates in the Middle East. Weirdly, no one I encounter here in the richest media centre in the world cares to discuss world events. Quite telling.

Courtesy of Brother Bhash, here is one take on the current shenanigans.

So here’s my story so far:

  • Passport is lost/stolen early last week
  • Because I’m on top of it, I contact my parents to courier my citizenship card right away, which do last WEDNESDAY
  • Today is Tuesday, the next week, and the envelope has not yet arrived; I have now missed two days of work
  • I enter the tracking number into the website, and it shows that the card was delivered YESTERDAY… yet clearly I do not have it
  • So I call Purolator, and they claim that it could not be delivered because the apartment number was missing (which is bullcrap because my father’s receipt clearly shows the apartment number on the destination)
  • So they say the dispatcher will call me to arrange direct delivery, bcause the item is at the depot on 33rd street
  • I wait, no call
  • So I call Puolator again and get another operator. She claims the item was in fact delivered yesterday and SIGNED FOR by someone in the building named “Rosario”, and that it should still be in the building’s management office awaiting pick-up by Purolator to return to the central depot
  • So I go down to the management office and discover –surprise!– that there is no one named Rosario who works here, and that it is against policy to sign for anything!
  • So I call Purolator again, get a third operator, and explain the sitch. He is at a loss to explain who this Rosario person is, but puts me in touch with DHL, who is apparently the people who deliver on behalf of Purolator
  • I call DHL and they claim the item is being held in their 44th street office, which is on the other side of the island. So I arrange to pick it up at 6pm.
  • As I’m about to leave, I get a call from another DHL operator, who is oblivous to all of this, and who claims the item is being held in their 33rd st office. So I’m supposed to pick it up at 8:30 pm

So that’s where we sit. If I assume that everything happens the way it should, then I can pick up the card at 8:30pm and hop on the 11pm bus, to arrive in Ottawa at 9:30AM tomorrow. (Yes it has to be the bus; it’s my last option.) But, to this point, nothing as happened the way it should. So I half expect to be stuck here for a looong time to come.