Lost Passports

Well it’s official, I’ve lost my passport in New York City. I’m not too concerned — it’s not like I’m trapped in Damascus or Kabul. I’m in one of the world’s great English-speaking metropolises, surrounded by family and friends and with access to several accounts of money.

It’s an interesting process getting my ass back to Canada, however. According to the consulate, I can’t get an emergency travel document without proof of citizenship (i.e., a passport, birth certificate or citizenship card), which is sort of stupid because if I had my passport or citizenship card with me, I wouldn’t need an emergency travel document –Canadians can cross the US border with only a driver’s licence and proof of citizenship (this datum also from the consulate).

In fact, one Canadian friend tells me that she regularly crosses the US border using just her driver’s licence. Don’t think I should try that, though. Damn rules.

Anyway, my parents are fedexing me my citizenship card as we speak. How fortunate for me that I leave it with them. If I were a rational person and kept all my i.d. in the same place, in my apartment, I’d be royally screwed, since I live alone and no one else has the keys to my place. Conclusion: these rules discriminate against single people who live alone!

Might I also add that this is the third time I’ve had to use Canadian consular services while visiting/living in the USA, and each time I’ve found them pretty near useless, except for receiving information that could be read off the website. In fact, on one previous occasion I was even given patently false information.

Let’s hope Canadians stuck in Damascus or Kabul fare better.