Pics, Pics, Pics

Just finished watching the tear-jerking finale of season 2 of the new Doctor Who. I’m very sad that the Doctor’s companion, Rose Tyler, will soon be replaced. I think the main reason the new show has held up so well is, in fact, Billie Piper’s endearing portrayal of Rose. But never fear, rumour has it that the Doctor’s new companion will be the truly babe-tastic Freema Agyeman, pictured below with David Tennant:

Speaking of photos, it’s time to share with you some of the photos from last week’s SAJA convention in New York. These were taken by Preston Merchant and ripped from his website without permission…

We begin with this pic of my L.A. bud Angilee S. who will be mortified that I’ve posted this image of her. But hey, Preston has already done it, so why not me?
We continue with this shot of PBS anchorwoman Daljit Dhaliwal. You will recall that I sang to her in the hallway, an event briefly chronicled in this blog.
Here we have a photo of Ashley Singh. Now, I don’t know Ashley; we only said hello to each other once. But she’s so thoroughly babe-tastic, that she warrants a photo here, don’t you think?
Remember that reception at the Reuters HQ I blogged about? The one with the great view of Times Square? You can get a hint of the view in this photo.
And remember the comedian who got heckled by the humourless religious dude? Didn’t I blog about that? No? Well, anyway, a comedian named Rahul Siddharth was making jokes about Hinduism, at a journalism convention in Columbia University in New York City, when an offended journalism professor named Prof Swami (truly) tried to shout him down. No, the irony is not lost on me, either. Here’s Rahul in mid-offence.
Lastly, here’s not-so-young Dr. Wat looking fatter than usual during the closing brunch at Mallika restaurant on Sunday.

Want to see more pics? You do? Well, aren’t you in luck! The following photos were taken by Texas’s Rohan Anand and are from an evening of much merriment:

Lord Wat and Anita N.
The Watster and award-winning jounalist Arthur J
Buried beneath much love: Dr Wat, Rohan, Arthur and Sonia M.
Rohan A. flanked by both the High Lord of Deonandia and this dude I called “Wacky Protest Guy”
Oregon’s Shefali K. flanked by Rohan and the Watmeister

Seen enough? Good, I was running out of names for myself.