Still Stuck In Gotham

It’s true. My travel docs still haven’t arrived and I am hunkered in an apartment on the Upper East Side, trying to be productive.

Being here has given me some clarity, especially as it relates to my career trajectory. But more about that later… much later.

Tell you what else I like about this city. No, I don’t mean Chipotle’s burritos, which I crave daily. Rather, yesterday, hung over and fatigued after a long day of networking and walking, I slumped on the subway platform, hoping to find relief from the scalding heat, but instead finding sweltering subterranean humidity.

But that was okay, because on that platform I found solace among the celestial notes of a violinist who played a concert hall-quality rendition of DeBussey’s Clare de la Lune. Marvelous.

But here I am, still stuck. My documents still haven’t arrived.