35? What the…?

Yes, I recently turned 39, but have always held a certain pride that I look very much younger than my age. I like to think that this is because of healthy living and a positive attitude, but I think the truth of it is that the degree to which one ages gracefully is probably 85% genetic. But, man, I intend to maximize that 15% !!

Mind you, in order to look younger or older than one is, there has to be an established baseline or norm for comparison purposes. Who said a 39 year old man is supposed to be greay-haired, wrinkly and have a big belly? Where does this expectation come from? It’s a caucasion Western norm bred from 60 years of American visual media, I say. Darker-skinned peoples tend not to wrinkle as much, for example, so perhaps it’s inappropriate to guage my ageing patterns against the established North American norms?

Whatever. Take this test. It will tell you what your real biological age is. It seems mine is 35. I gained 4 years because of my lifestyle. But, according to the test, I can do better. It’s a pretty good site. I encourage you to take the test and report back. (Thanks to Sukhy H.)

I leave you with this surreal video of Bill O’Reilly interviewing Marilyn Manson. As usual, O’Reilly comes across as an asshat. I may find Manson banal and predictable, but I love him in interviews. It takes more than a 3rd rate blowhard than O’Reilly to make Manson lose his cool.