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“For a long time I believed that World War I was the most stupid war ever fought in human history, but by golly, the brain-dead governments in Washington and Tel Aviv might yet blunder into one that surpasses it. That would be fitting, as the present-day Middle East, with all its problems, was created by the winners of World War I. ” –Charley Reese

Many thanks to Ed Wong and his lovely wife Meiling for hosting a BBQ in Markham yesterday, which was actually an excuse to get free babysitting (i.e., Lord Wat, Sean M, Kev H and Andrew C) for his adorable toddlers, Adam and Madeline. I bring this up because never before have I seen four grown 40-ish men cr0uched on a mattress in the middle of a room, pretending that it’s a pirate ship.

Always remember:

Interesting news. Remember that blog post of mine that became an article for India Currents Magazine? Looks like it’s been nominated for something called a “National Ethnic Media Award“. I don’t know what all this is about, but… cool.

Let’s begin with the small stuff:

  • A DMV in the USA has ruled that a senior citizen’s licence plate, which she has had for years, is now obscene. The plate says: NWTF, which in modern dumb-ass chat-room parlance means, “Now What The Fuck”, but which the senior had been using as an acronym for her business, Northwood Tree Farm. While this is dumbassery at the highest level, what’s more interesting is that they didn’t rule the woman’s name –Pat Niple– to be obscene, as well.
  • Speaking of obscenities, a recent poll indicates that 50% of Americans believe that WMDs were found in Iraq after the invasion. This number is actually up from 36% last year. Even more fuel for my contention that before one should be allowed to vote, one should be able to pass a basic current events test.
  • For all the right wing apologists who lurk on this site, here’s some casual reading for you: 26 dictators propped up by the US government

Let’s end with a little revisit of the history between Lebanon and Israel:

“Let’s not forget the 1982 massacres, in which the Israeli army allowed vengeful Lebanese Christian militiamen to enter the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, where the militiamen slaughtered hundreds of Palestinian refugees. An Israeli inquiry, headed by a former Supreme Court judge, concluded that then Israeli defence minister Ariel Sharon bore ‘personal responsibility’ for the massacre. Once again, a slaughter is taking place in Lebanon, only this time those allowing the slaughter to take place are running the governments of the United States, Britain — and Canada.” –Linda McQuaig

Interesting, isn’t it, that a recent Israeli leader, still revered in the corridors of DC, could be considered pretty much a war criminal by an inquiry in his own country? Let’s not forget, as well, that another former Israeli PM, Menachem Begin, was himself a terrorist leader who murdered British civilians during his own jihad against British imperial rule, leading up to the founding of modern Israel.

My point? Simply this: there ain’t no obvious good and evil in this conflict. And there’s a barely discernible distinction between terrorist and legitimate leader within the global community. Anyone who tells you differently is, quite simply, a fool.