Did You Hear A Pop?

A couple of pics from Monday’s suburban brunch with the Wong clan (captions courtesy of Ed Wong):


“Higher, damn you!” “Did you hear a pop?”


Courtesy of Darth Vadum, here’s Bill Clinton’s response to Ann Coulter’s allegation that he is a latent homosexual.

Here’s an annoying story: it seems a 9-year old girl stuck her hand into the meerkat habitat at the zoo and was bitten. But because her parents didn’t want their little treasure to endure a series of rabies shots, all the meerkats had to be killed and their brains tested. They tested negative, of course. Here’s an idea: if your brat can’t keep her hands out of an animal’s home, maybe a few well placed rabies shots are all she needs to learn the lesson, huh?

A certain comedian directs us to this article, which examines the USA’s intimate relationship with Israel. But it’s Rick Salutin who gets the money quote today, from his brilliant column on anti-semitism:

“[G]enerations of Arabs have had to pay for two millenniums [sic] of Christian anti-Semitism in Europe, once ‘the West’ decided it owed a debt to Jews for the Holocaust.”

Salutin also talks a bit about Mel Gibson. I like Gibson’s movies, especially The Year Of Living Dangerously, which is among my 5 favourite films of all time. But he’s clearly a racist/anti-semite and is thus welcome to kiss my motza-lovin’ ass.