George’s Cajones


Interestingly, there’s a group out there called “Orthodox Jews United Against Zionism“. (Thanks to Dave M. for the link.) Their rationale seems to vary, but among their arguments is the belief that the Torah teaches them not to be political, thus seeking a Jewish homeland is not acceptable behaviour. Mind you… isn’t protesting against Zionism also a political act? Hmmm. Complicated. Regardless, I thought I’d share this with you.

Speaking of things Israeli, I think it’s also important that I share with you this Amnesty International report teaser, which accuses Israel of war crimes in the recent conflict with Lebanon. A quote from the press release:

“Israel’s destruction of thousands of homes, and strikes on numerous bridges and roads as well as water and fuel storage plants, was an integral part of Israel’s military strategy in Lebanon, rather than ‘collateral damage’ resulting from the lawful targeting of military objectives.”

Unrelated, but sort of related, if you know what I’m talking about, is the ongoing realization among thinking people of the blatant anti-social and bigoted stance of Canada’s Western Standard paper, particularly through its blog. It’s a topic I’ve harped on about here for some time. I said I would no longer read it, and I’ve stuck by that statement. Now voices from the Right are coming to realize that the WS and its blog are nothing but trouble for them; witness this post from a well known Right-of-centre blog. From the post:

“I still think it’s remarkable that of all the weblogs out there, one run by a reputable news magazine has managed to become the go-to destination for (in Coyne’s words) ‘western separatists, Bilderberg conspiracy theorists and various other cranks,’ to say nothing of liars, abuse-hurlers and unapologetic racists and bigots.”

Always remember: the WS is owned by a prominent member of the Conservative party, and its contributors include prominent supporters of the party. What does it say about the party when this is the kind of people and the kind of intellectual activity it seems to produce and attract in more than just trace amounts.

Also unrelated, but sort of related, is this clip of George Galloway giving it to the US House of Representatives. As I said before, George is a blowhard and a weasel at times, but other times I’m glad he’s around, ’cause few others have the cajones to tell it like he does.