I Am Ironman

…Inventor, Businessman, Genius. Cue Black Sabbath theme music. Oh yes, and find out what superhero you are!

So this morning I emerged from my overnight observational sleep study. Here’s a pic of me with all the electrodes attached, ready to slip into a night of blissful slumber. Sexy!

Actually, trying to sleep with wires sticking into you –in a drab hospital cubicle with dry air and loud technicians– is not particularly fun. But, hey, at least I get to blog about it.

Apparently 1/4 of American readers are outraged that the side of an exposed breast was shown on the cover of a parenting magazine. The breast was in the process of exuding milk into the sucking mouth of a baby. Christ, people, no wonder so much of the world thinks you’re a bunch of overreactive moralistic nitwits! Get over it already!

Well, surprise surprise, our barely elected PM doubts that the Israeli bombing of the UN outpost was deliberate. Hey, maybe it was. I don’t know. But I, as an unelected blogger whom no one reads, am free to suggest that it was deliberate, based upon my reading of the evidence, just as other unelected types are freeto suggest that it wasn’t. I think it’s inappropriate, however, for the Prime Minister to give any opinion on the matter until the event has been at least cursorily investigated.

Consider this: what if it had been Hezbollah who had bombed the UN outpost and had killed a Canadian peacekeeper? What do you think Harper’s response would have been then? Think he would still “doubt” that it was deliberate? Think he would stay quiet and not express outrage that a Canadian citizen had been murdered? Methinks our PM’s ideology is showing through again, and this is unacceptable, especially in a minority government and especially on matters so divisive.

His ideology shone through earlier with the statement on CNN, “What we refuse to do is to be drawn into a moral equivalence between a pyromaniac and a fireman,” meaning that he clearly sides with Israel (the fireman) in this conflict. There are many Canadians who share his point of view, and many others (I would argue, the majority) who do not. That’s not the point. The point is two-fold: (1) whatever happened to Canada’s golden role as mediator? That’s gone now, shredded by one brief government, and may never return; and (2) is the world reall so simple to him? Really, now, I expect that level of analysis from bloviating TV pundits. But from a sitting PM, I would hope to see some level of nuance and a grasp of the subtleties of the situation.

While we’re at it… why is he making such bold declarations on CNN, while avoiding the CBC and his own Parliamentary Press Corps? Hmmm?

PS. This fake reporter now predicts a massive Israeli ground invasion of Lebanon by the end of the week.