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Introduction of the Royal "We" – deonandia

Introduction of the Royal "We"

We bid bon voyage and safe travels, yadda yadda, to regular Deonandia visitor Sarah M, who, as part of the Canadian military, is being shipped off to Afghanistan today. While Deonandia is on record as being opposed to the Canadian military involvement in Afghanistan, we nonetheless hope very much that Ms M keeps herself safe and returns soon with all faculties and limbs intact.

(No, that’s not her to the left. That’s the real Tank Girl.)

For one time only —One time only, people– Deonandia presents the return of the Daily Perv Link. Remember: we do not advocate the activities described in the link; we only bring them to your attention for scientific and outrage purposes. Don’t believe me? Check the disclaimer.

We continue to track the weirdness of social conservatism manifesting in America (weird because it happens during a time when so much American anger is directed at other parts of the world, supposedly for their social conservatism). Today’s story is about a law in a city in Missouri which prohibits more then three people from living in the same home if they are “unrelated by blood, marriage or adoption.” Just imagine if this law were common nationally –there would have never been a Three’s Company!

We leave you today with mention of an excellent series of books I’m reading. It is said that there were three great English fantasy series written in the Twentieth Century: The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and…. His Dark Materials. It’s the latter that I’m devouring now. It’s ostensibly a series of children’s books, but the premise is essentially…. a war against God. How can you not be intrigued by that? Oh yeah… of course, there’s a movie coming out, too.