Mmmm…. Burqalicious

Oh, this is not a joke. Above is an ad for “Armor of God Pyjamas” for that duo of young Christian fundamentalists you’re raising in your basement, amidst the fertilizer and gun collection. And why not? Christians need to catch up. After all, fundamentalist Islamic fashion is making its way onto the runways of Paris and New York:

But this ain’t no joking matter. Persecution based upon appearances, specifically with regard to religious garb and aesthetic customs, is a growing problem. Brother Hrab directs us to this disturbing story about innocent brown-skinned travellers being forced off of commercial airliners because the other passengers had been whipped into a Muslim-fearing frenzy. People! Calm the frack down!

But today’s blog spot isn’t supposed to be too political. Let’s keep it light and fluffy today, okay? I haven’t slept enough to get my indignation fully on. So instead I give you Cracked‘s Top 5 Most Obviously Drug-Fueled TV Apearances Ever.

Note that the first winner is Crispin Glover‘s infamous appearance on Letterman. The problem is that there is some evidence that Glover was in fact in character, emulating the doofus he played in the forgotten drug film, Rubin and Ed. There’s a taste of the film here.

But if you want to see a real drug-driven TV appearance, check out Farah Fawcett’s appearance on Letterman here and here.

On another topic, remember that fantasy book series I told you about? His Dark Materials? I’m not quite finished the last book yet, but I wanted to share some news. The book touches a little on current quantum and cosmological theory, including some supposition of what dark matter really is. Well, today comes news that there exists astronomical proof that dark matter truly exists. This is a big development in astrophysics.

Okay, I will leave you with one non-fluffy item: the rightwingnutosphere’s supposition that since tomorrow, Aug 22, marks the date of the appearance of the 12th Imam of Shiaism, the Iranians will try something big and violent, supposedly against Israel. Whatever. We’ll see.