Studio 2 Gone?


A funny thing just happened. I just now realized that my favourite TV current affairs show, TVOntario’s Studio 2, has been cancelled! It’s a rare thing to have a genuinely intelligent news show where experts are brought in to give opinion, not position, and where everyone gets the time they need to make a cogent argument without an upwardly-mobile host butting in to get his face time. This is a sad revelation for me, and I believe for Canada.

The show was very highly rated, which reaffirms my belief that there exists a thirst in our society for truly informative news and discussion. So why did they cancel it? Well, since the network is owned by the province, you’d have to turn to the Ontario Liberal government. According to Conservative spokespeople, the show was turfed because it gave too much voice to the Opposition. I suppose that that is possible. You know what? That’s one of the qualities I loved about the show: all views were presented, and no one fought or bickered or postured.

It will be replaced by some lame-sounding show, also hosted by Steve Paiken (pictured above), called The Agenda. I’m sure it will be a good show, but it will suck in comparison.

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