You’re Shiva… My Hero!

To the left is my very special birthday card sent to me by photo-artist Richard Erlac.

Brother Hrab sends us this article about how “Western values” are causing “mental illness” in Japan. Also from B.H. comes this article on a topic pertinent to this ageing bachelor: how staying single may make us thinner but confer shorter life spans!

If you need cheering up after that news, Andoo sends us a selection of Star Trek inspirational posters!

Speaking of Trek, apparently William Shatner is looking for a new spokesperson for his new line of science fiction DVDs. Yes, he’s looking for unknowns, so go forth and audition, Geeks of the World!

From Darth Vadum, we have this article about how every one of us is probably descended from royalty. Speaking of the evil Darth, remember his video showing Bill Clinton’s supposed response to Ann Coulter? Apparently the link is not reliable, so Dave M sends us this alternative link.

The Dark Lord from DC also shares with us this extraordinary video of a woman who tok a photograph of herself every day for three years.

Here’s a topic worthy of a lengthier blogpost. You know how the world is (mostly rightly) down on Western men who travel to the Third World looking for cheap sex? Well, how come no one ever talks about the hundreds of Western women who do the same thing?

So, the US and UK invaded Iraq to bring democracy, order and decency to that country, right? (Insert suppressed laughter here.) That explains the latest (of many) cases of brutal rape and murder of Iraqi civilians committed by Western soldiers.

But that’s just a blip, right? ‘Cause the invaders, for the most part, are at least better than the religious fanatics that would have otherwise controlled the Middle East. Right? Right? Apparently, there are plenty of religious fanatics right here in North America, and they have the power of government. A new law in Kentucky now prevents the use in public schools of any book that teaches, “sectarian, infidel, or immoral doctrine.” No need to go fight ni Afghanistan; the Taliban are right here in North America, white-skinned, in business suits and clutching Bibles to their breasts.

‘Sall I got today. Wat out.