Beat My Guests

Here’s a bad-ass pic of Deonandia reader “S”. who’s presently on the front lines in Afghanistan. I’ve attempted to conceal her identity a bit ’cause I’m sure she doesn’t need her compatriots knowing she reads a blog written by an anti-war doofus like myself.

Despite our official position against Canadian involvement in this skirmish, we (the royal “we”) continue to hope for safety and comfort for S., her friends, and indeed for everyone in that country.

Apropos of nothing, Deonandiabrings you –for one time only— the return of the Daily Perv Link. Click at your own peril.

Speaking of things pervy, from Oklahoma comes this story about a police chief having his job threatened because his 43 year old wife runs a perfectly legal erotic website. Do I really need to spell it out? If her actions are legal, what’s the big deal? And even if her actions weren’t legal, what do they have to do with the police chief and his suitability for the job, unless he, too, was involved in the enterprise? I’m getting really sick of people trying to use the law to enforce their own personal morality; the two do not necessarily overlap, nor should they.

(If you’d like to see a photo of the, um, little lady, click here. The lengths I go for you people.)

Blogging continues to evolve. Apparently an ongoing weirdness on turns out to be a subtle promo for an upcoming horror movie!

This week’s focus on 80s pop icon Adam Ant wraps up today on Deonandia. I will leave you with a good image to hold of Adam’s later years. In 1997, he was invited onstage to perform with up-and-coming punk ensemble “Dweeb”, who had covered the Ants’ classic “Beat My Guest.” Luckily, there’s a bootleg video of the performance and you can watch it here (requires RealMedia). Adam appears to have given up his legendary “goody two shoes” lifestyle and is sporting both a beer belly and a cigarette, but is still the consummate showman; and it’s nice to see him return, ever so briefly, to his punk roots. Look for the bit where he removes his hat to show his near baldness; it’s quite a sad shock.

And to cleanse your pallet of that image of the older, broken Herr Ant, take a gander at this RealMedia clip. It shows Adam and the Ants, back in their prime, on a Japanese TV show, being presented with a fish. Seriously, a fish. The Ants look so confused (and huge compared to their Japanese hosts) that I was afraid they were going to start hitting people. But of course, that would have smudged their make-up, so it wasn’t going to happen.

Lastly, today marks yet another wedding day for yet another ex-girlfriend of mine. I’ve been through enough of these ordeals to know how to deal; in fact, I should teach a course on it. So while I wish the happy couple nothing but joy and providence, I will celebrate with a very stiff drink, fatty foods and some naughty videos.