Day 2 in Trinidad

My second full day in Trinidad saw me give an unrehearsed reading and talk –for 90 minutes!– to a full house at the Carnegie library in San Fernando. I’d been told that the audience would be school kids, so had some education oriented comments in my head. But none of the kids showed up, so I had to hustle for new content. I’d also been lead to believe that there would be a panel of authors present. Instead, I was the sole attraction!

But it was all good. Trinidad always brings out engaged and polite audiences. Not unexpectedly, many of the questions were of a political nature, and I found myself once again dancing about some thorny issues.

The down side to all of this is that I am horribly ill. I now have a cold on top of a cold and the only thing I can think about is sleep, despite being surrounded by tropical perfection.

On that note… off to bed…