Freedom… Terrible Terrifying Freedom!

The big news I alluded to some weeks ago has manifested. No, I’m not a Bollywood star (yet). The image to the left is a slide from my going-away roast, courtesy of Jane Tallim and Denise Lynch-LaCroix, as I departed employment with the Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child & Youth Mental Health.


The new plan is a career in independent research/epidemiology/stats consulting and international programme evaluation. So if any of you have any business to throw me, do so! Stay tuned for a new website, etc.

It’s all rather scary, but exciting. Something you have to try once in your life. I’m going to give it a few months to work before crawling back to the traditional work world again. So if you see me begging for change on the street, be generous! Perhaps I should make up a sign:

To celebrate my new freedom, I’m off to Trinidad first thing in the morning, to participate in the Caribbean arts and culture festival called Carifesta. Due to my suddenly renewed status of singledom, I will be accompanied by my good buddy Andrew.

(And before any of you thieving types gets any criminal ideas, my apartment is always occupied by relatives, guests, ex-girlfriends and drooling rottweilers.)

Stay tuned to this space for live blogging updates from Trinidad!