Friendly Models

The picture to the left is not what it appears to be. Alas, it is not photographic evidence of an exciting new trend in audience servicing. Rather, it’s a model falling off the catwalk. But a fellow can fantasize, no?

You and I may not share the impression that the git knows what he’s talking about, but you have to agree that this is a great video. It’s cobbled together from footage of George W. Bush and gives the impression that he’s singing U2’s “Sunday, Bloody Sunday“.

Today’s serious bit of news is this bit out of the UK about a woman imprisoned for 2 months for making a false accusation of rape.

Rape is a serious business. Its perpetrators deserve to be locked up for a long time, and its victims (regardless of gender) deserve all of society’s support and assistance. But there does seem to be an increase in news reports of seemingly false allegations of rape. (Whether this increase is real or artefactual is another matter, as is whether the allegations were truly false or merely retracted as a result of emotional turmoil.) But I will say this: While being the victim of a sexual assault is a seriously unpleasant ordeal, so is being falsely and successfully accused of perpetrating one, I would imagine. Thus, might I suggest that the punishment for a confirmed false allegation would be comparable to the punishment for the crime that is alleged?

And because I love you all, I leave you with the Mother of all Daily Perv Links.