Funny thing about Trinidad. The insignia of the police force is the Star of David! Here’s why.

Today we took a break from the official events and drove north to the stunning cliff-rimmed beaches of Maracas Bay. Of course, no sooner did we get there that a torrential downpour began, lasting hours. During a window of dryness, we managed to poke our toes into the Caribbean, then back into the car, for a hair-raising drive back to town, along winding hill roads during flash floods. Once again, Andrew‘s impeccable driving was an inspiration.

The boy has already left for the airport as I write this, leaving me to spread out and enjoy the fullness of our hotel room for my remaining two days. Of course, these days will likely be spent in bed, drugged to my eyeballs, as I attempt to recover from this nasty, unshakable cold.

One nice part about being stuck in bed is that I get to watch continuous BBC World News. Today I caught something called HARDTalk and was mildly horrified as a bombastic know-little journalist accosted and belittled world leaders and Nobel laureates. It seems FOX-style American news TV has migrated to the BBC. Very sad.

Meanwhile, Shaila sends us the George Allen insult generator. And Abeer sends us, um, this.