Li’l Bush

“It’s unacceptable to think.” –George W. Bush

Today we wish a happy birthday to Adam Xavier Wong, munchkin spawn of Podium co-founder Master Wong. Here we see AXW examining Herr Wat’s molars.

We return to our shotgun approach of random news here on Deonandia. Let’s begin with this interesting bit, which chillingly compares modern US torture techniques with those of the Soviets during the “evil empire” era.

This is a brilliant bit of education, by Andrew Sullivan.

Like me, have you been watching Racist Survivor? I love that reality crap! Courtesy of Shaila M. comes this wonderful analysis of the “most controversial reality TV show ever.”

Now some more serious stuff. Has the USA been engaging in collective punishment in Iraq? If so, that’s a war crime, people. Meanwhile, incidents of anti-Muslim violence are up dramatically on US soil. Remind me: who’s attacking whom again?

I will leave you with one of the finest web-only cartoon broadcasts out there. Yes, people, it’s the pilot episode of Li’l Bush:

Of course, this is nothing new.