Stargates and Starmen

Yes, like so many other bloggers, I find myself addicted to Youtube. These days, despite my recent declaration that I’m largely immune to nostalgia, I find myself a little obsessed with musical performances from my youth. Today I give you two links from two princes of UK pop aesthetics, Adam Ant and David Bowie. The first link is a performance of “Dog Eat Dog” by Adam and the Ants from some time in the 80s; the second is David Bowie doing “Heroes” from 1977 on the Marc Bolan Show. (Look for the end where Bolan falls off of the stage!)

In other fluff news, my favouritest TV show, stargate SG-1, has been cancelled. It’s the longest running science-fiction TV show in North American history, having beat out The X-Files for that honour a couple of weeks ago. Why is this newsworthy? Because the show’s owner, MGM, has vowed that the franchise will live on in some capacity; rumour has it that this new life will come in the form of the mainstream world’s first strictly online TVshow. Let me tell you, if this is true, I applaud the move. I would happily do away with my TV and watch this show on my computer. Heck, I already download it!