The Agenda

I finally got a chance to watch the new TVOntario show, The Agenda, which replaces Studio 2. My conclusion: I prefer the change. The Agenda is a serious wonkfest, which I love.

The episode that I caught featured Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae. (I presented my Rae biases earlier here.) Additionally, the show had the return of my favourite Canadian TV pundit, Brother Eric Margolis. (My Margolis bias is detailed here.)

Here is what I have concluded:

  1. Michael Ignatieff will win the Liberal leadership race
  2. Despite his Middle Eastern policies, which differ from my view, Bob Rae is my preferred candidate
  3. Michael Ignatieff will be the next Prime Minister of Canada
  4. Out of everyone presently available, in all parties, Bob Rae is probably the most reasonable and effective potential Prime Minister –and I say this grudgingly
  5. Eric Margolis still rules
  6. TVOntario has some interesting right wing connections

The last point I have no real evidence for; just a feeling. On the panel of the show was someone named Mercedes Stevenson who, while relatively eloquent, seemed way out of her depth against Bob Rae, Eric, John Ibbitson and Sheila Copps (whose reason for being there is a bit mysterious). Stevenson kept citing tired neocon tropes that I would expect from Fox pundits. A quick google search proclaims her to be a Frasier Institute alumnus. Why, I ask, would TVOntario ask her on, when other, far more credible and less shrill pro-war types were available?

I’m no media analyst. It’s all a wonderful weirdness. Gotta go eat fatty foods and watch Lost now.