Ass Sparks

Apparently some woman in Croatia was brushing her teeth when lightning struck her. It entered in her mouth and exited through her…um… anus. Yes, that’s right. She had sparks coming out of her ass.

Here are some priceless comments about the affair from the forums:

From: brainspore
Date: 10-Oct-2006 15:41
"Maybe she'll get some kind of super-powers as a consolation prize."

From: studgerbil
Date: 10-Oct-2006 16:04
"She's gonna be the life of every party now. Who can top her story?"

Meanwhile, in epidemiology news, a mystery disease has stricken Mt. Allison University in New Brunswick. Glad I’m a whole continent away 😉

With Southern Ontario (where I live) and Western New York (where I intend to be in a week) suddenly buried beneath an early blizzard, maybe I should feel guilty that I’m still in sunny Vancouver? Nahhh. I think I’ll stroll out into the sunshine and get me some sushi…