The Hornbeck Stops Here

Do recall, the Daily Perv Link (TM) is no more. That means that under no circumstances should you click here.

Once again we have reports of conservative groups trying to ban pornography. The money quote from the article is:

“The connection between the use of pornography and sex crimes, especially where it involves children is obvious though the other side always wants us to prove the correlation.” (emphasis mine)

God forbid that we should require someone to provide evidence for their assertions! My take on this debate has been chronicled here and here. Quite simply, are these fools even aware of the distinction between correlation and causation?

A Deonandia reader who has been re-dubbed “E.K. Hornbeck” for security reasons sends us this story of a “top US general” suggesting that Donald Rumsfeld is “inspired by God”. The truly ironic part of the the story is that the general uttered these words in defence of Rumsfeld!

Meanwhile, Darth Vadum sends us this op-ed exploring how/why Bush’s extreme conservative base may be abandoning him. Well duh, they ain’t stupid. Now that the majority of Americans have joined the wisdom of Deonandia and have driven the putty-head’s approval rating to less than his IQ, everybody’s jumping ship. But who will be the new puppet? McCain? Giuliani?

Bush’s time is over. And even the neocon dawn was just the glare off the foreheads of a few balding intellectuals; their time is over, too. But they might still do some more irreparable damage before they are relegated to history’s delete file. Mr. Hornbeck sends us this argument for voting out Bush’s neocon successors, since, in the author’s opinions, a vote against the Republicans is a vote against nuclear war. Hornbeck also sends us word of this.

We leave you with this video from Darth Vadum. Its authenticity is debatable