Take It To The Bridge

First we begin with a hearty happy birthday to Brother Bhash, and a Happy Impending Diwali to all the brown folks out there. Back from Vancouver and slowly getting used to my apartment again. I drove to Montreal yesterday –early Sunday morning on an empty highway– and was smacked down with a $300 speeding ticket! At that price, I could have flown. Mind you, in some ways I was flying.

Funny thing, though. The French cop commented, “Do they drive this fast in Toronto?” To him, the city was a curse. People from Toronto, like me, are largely unaware of the dismissive ways in which Canadians not from Toronto see the city. I hear it every day in Ottawa, and even in Vancouver and Montreal. And, of course, I read it everyday, especially in Alberta-based publications.

A few years ago, nutty Toronto mayor Mel Lastman called in the military to assist the city during a particularly bad snow storm. The residents and media of Ottawa poo-pooed the move, calling it a sign of Toronto’s spoiledness. Ottawa, after all, maintains its functions in horrendously intolerable cold weather several months a year.

I’d like to remind such whiners –and the French cop who, I suspect, shares the attitude– that if Ottawa is shut down by snow for a week, the country will barely notice. But if you take Toronto off the economic grid for 24 hours, just watch the chaos that will ensue across the whole nation.

Thus ends my long overdue defence of my home town.

Brother Hrab sends us this story about a movie critical of Scientology, called “The Bridge”, being forced off the market and “off the Internet”. When will these people learn? You cannot force anything off the Internet! While most official copies have indeed been deleted, it’s not that hard to find streaming versions still online. Because I care, I give you, The Bridge. If that link doesn’t work, go to Google Video and search for it, ’cause miscreants are continuously uploading new copies.

And again, because I care, here’s footage of Disney World mascots simulating the nasty.