Your Cervix is THIS big…

To the left is a photo I took of a billboard in St James, Trinidad. I dunno. Something about the shape her hands are making doesn’t exactly say “healthy cervix” to me.

Remember way back in February I made a prediction about India’s economic future? I said that within the next two decades India’s economic growth will slow and maybe even reverse as that country finally endures its long overdue labour revolution. My theory is that India’s rapid growth has been due to cheap exploited labour; poor Indians have underwritten the unaddressed costs of expansion through their own health and well-being.

The same argument can be made for China, whose economic growth has been on similar terms. Well, this article suggests that China is experiencing its labour revolution now. We shall see.

Meanwhile, Kelli F. sends us this bit about the Canadian military cracking down on soldiers’ blogs. Are you reading this, SM?

And Brother Bhash sends us this pithy article. Read it.

Regarding yesterday’s post about Eric Margolis’s appearance on The Agenda with the seemingly out-of-her-league Mercedes Stephenson, I need to share something with you. I wrote to Brother Margolis to congratulate him on his return to TVOntario (I, for one, have missed him). He sent back the following commentary about his exchange of words with Ms. Stephenson. I trust he won’t mind me publicizing this bit:

"It's hard dealing with neocons when they are young and pretty. Prefer overweight Republican golfers...."

A true class act, that Margolis. I mean that sincerely.

Heading to Vancouver in a few hours. Next blog post will be from the West coast….