CSIH Rocks

Congratulations to the Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH), whose Public Health Strengthening Project in Guyana I consult on. CSIH was awarded a Canadian Award for International Cooperation, a major recognition of the excellent work CSIH has been doing in Guyana for the past 5 years. It really is astonishing how much they/we accomplished in this short time, everything from setting up new labs, training a new generation of technicians and care-givers, writing comprehensive treatment manuals for HIV and TB, re-working entire programmes at the University of Guyana, and building a brand new electronic health information system from the ground up. In the photo, from right to left, are Professor Wat, Project Director Roumyana Benedict, Microbiologist Dr Karam Ramotar and the Guyanese High Commissioner to Canada.

Ed Wong sends us this very important web page.

And Darth Vadum sends us something for which I’ve been waiting for some time: a convincing study that has found that Internet porn reduces incidents of sexual assault! Isaac Asimov predicted this decades ago, and now the evidence is finally rolling in. See, kids? Porn is good!

Speaking of images, I have followed the lead of Andrew Currie and have subscribed to Flickr.com, a Yahoo!-owned photo sharing service. Slowly, I’m transferring all my photos there. You can follow my progress by clicking here. I’ve already uploaded pics from my recent trip to Vancouver and from recent parties.

I have a lot more to say about the Lancet kafuffle. But I hav no time today. Maybe later tonight. Stay tuned!