Iggy To The Fore

Well my computer is mostly fixed, but I still have some nubs to fix. You don’t care about that, so I’ll shut up now.

We are days away from the Liberal party’s leadership convention. I would sorely love to attend, but alas do not expect an invitation anytime soon. My prediction remains that Michael Ignatieff will prevail, though it may require a third ballot to pull it off. The question then is whether Bob Rae’s ego will allow him to remain in the party as anything but leader.

(Sorry, American and international readers, but I do need to talk about Canadian issues now and then, you know.)

Assuming Ignatieff wins, here’s what I see going down in coming months. Expect a vote of non-confidence in Parliament by February, with an election called immediately afterward. Rumour persists that the Liberals are preparing to position themselves on a single issue: climate change. This may backfire on them, but I think if played correctly, this can be a strong approach. Meanwhile, the Conservatives will continue to be perceived as the party of ideology and the Western provinces; they will lose Quebec, despite transparent attempts in recent days to court Quebec separatists with talk of recognition of nationhood. As a result, I predict a bare Liberal majority victory in the next election, mostly at the expense of NDP seats. And once again, I predict the election of the first ever Green Party MP.

I reserve the right to modify this prediction in coming months.

Meanwhile there’s a new attraction in Jesusland: a Creationist amusement park!

Courtesy of Shaila M, we have this link that shows a supposedly genuine letter from a British diplomat, circa 1943. Definitely worth reading.

Until next time, I leave you with…. air hockey!